Flowchart - Herbs Line



Step 1: Sorting


The 100% natural herbs go through a meticulous sorting process to remove any foreign objects (sticks, leaves, etc). 

This is a small but important step in our Quality Control procedures.




Step 2: Drying


The herbs are then oven dried to remove its moisture 




Step 3: Cooling


The herbs are left to cool before being packed into bulk bags for storage






Step 4: Grinding


The herbs are grounded into powder, packed into bulk bags and stored in a cool environment to protect its aroma and flavor




Step 5: Mixing


The various grounded herbs are blended in accordance to individual recipes, each with its own unique taste and aroma.




Step 6: Filter Bag Packing


The unique blend of herbs are filled into food grade filter bags. 




Step 7: Foil


The filter bags are encased in an aluminum pouch to lock in the flavor and aroma and to prevent moisture from being re-absorbed by the dried herbs
The product is then packed into boxes and each box into a carton. These are sent to the Finished Goods warehouse



Flowchart - Spice Line



Step 1: Weighing


Each individual spice is weighed to ensure the correct amount goes into each specific recipe




Step 2: Sieving


The spices are sieved to remove any foreign particles or coarse lumps




Step 3: Mixing


The various spices are blended in accordance to individual recipes




Step 4: Packing - Aluminum Foil


The spice mix is packed into aluminum bags to seal in the flavors and aroma, and to protect it from moisture and sunlight.




Step 5: Packing - Box & Carton


The aluminum bags are placed into individual boxes and each box into a carton.
The product is ready to be transferred to the Finished Goods warehouse.