Boil (Soup)


Soup plays an important role in Asian cuisine. The warmth and comfort from a steaming hot bowl of soup symbolizes both the towering support and the comfort of embrace of a mother’s love. CLAYPOT’s 10 different soup recipes allow aspiring young chefs to cook a nourishing bowl of soup for themselves and their loved ones.

To make a bowl of delicious soup, a low flame is recommended to simmer and extract the essence of the ingredients.





Cooking is an art, even with the same ingredients; different chefs may produce different versions of the same dish depending on their skill and imagination.

Therefore, CLAYPOT will offer a variety of recipes and cooking methods, offering consumers a reference to creating new and innovative recipes.

CLAYPOT encourages the “open and cook” concept in their products. Therefore, within each premix meant for steaming, a food grade, heat resistant plastic and aluminum foil is already inserted, saving consumers the trouble of buying the materials. Only three simple steps and a steaming hot meal is ready.

Our steamed premixes can be used in chicken, fish, tofu, vegetables and others, giving consumers different choices and variants, while encouraging a healthy and balanced diet.




Roasting is one of the oldest methods of cooking but while times have changed, human’s love for roasted food has not withered. With crisp skin and tender meat, roasting has captured the hearts of many food lovers.

CLAYPOT Taipan Chicken premix can be used as a dry rub for roasting or barbequing for a different sensation..


Curry & Rendang

Curries and Rendangs are made of a combination of aromatic spices, commonly found in South East Asia.

Compared to curries, Rendangs are less spicy but with a full bodies taste. Simmered slowly till the water evaporates, the thick Rendang sauce clings softly to the meat, seducing the all senses.

With CLAYPOT curry and rendang, there is no need to include additional spices, coconut milk or seasonings. Just open a packet, add your favourite meat, and a dish fit for a king is served!




Chinese cuisine is one of the most established cuisines in the world and boasts of many diverse cooking styles. The various types of cooking methods include, but are not limited to deep frying, pan frying, shallow frying, shallow frying, stewing, roasting, grilling, braising, boiling, baking, smoking, salting, pickling and so forth.

Using our ready-to-cook products, a little ingenuity and creativity can go a long way, whereby the combination of different styles of Chinese cooking can lead to the creation of other delicious and innovative dishes, allowing chefs to bring their tasters on a culinary journey.