About Us

Who are we?

We offer the traditional Chinese delicacies of Claypot’s Herbal Soups and Pastes from Malaysia. It brings about the homemade taste that suit our multi-racial society with different cultures and landmarks. Like the richness of its country, Claypot serves up unique recipes blended with some of the finest herbs and spices.

You know what?

We care for you!

All hygienically packed using the best quality aluminium foil to keep its aromatic taste and distinctive delight, Claypot’s herbal soups are assuringly wholesome and healthy to the very last sip.

Why Claypot?

For 30 years, CLAYPOT has been delighting households the world over with its easy-to-cook gourmet mixes for traditional Oriental delicacies. Made with selected, all-natural herbs and spices and packed in aseptic aluminium foil pouches – it makes it EASY to cook and have a wholesome meal. CLAYPOT Mixes are the perfect gift for your loved ones!