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Goodbye Cooking Limitations

Savour the traditional Chinese delicacies of Claypot’s Herbal Soups from Malaysia. The fascinating land of natural beauty boasts a multi-racial society with wonderful cultures and famous landmarks. Like the richness of its country, Claypot serves up unique recipes blended with some of the finest herbs and spices made special ready-to-cook for you and family.

Claypot make your cooking easier,
we’ve created range of Claypot paste of your choice.

Premium Raw Herbs

Our Premium Raw Herbs is exclusively packed in two flavours only. A delicious broth of herbs and spices, this delightful dish was introduced to Malaya by the Hokkien migrant community in Klang. Our Klang ‘Kau’recipe contains additional Dang Gui, Yu Zhu and Ginseng for a more aromatic and distinct flavour. Emperor Chicken is another flavour which named after a Qing-dynasty Emperor who learnt how to bake a stuffed and marinated chicken wrapped in lotus leaves and clay from a creative beggar, our Emperor Chicken recreates this unique herbal delicacy with minimal fuss.

Herbs and Spices

Claypot Herbs & Spices Mix embodies the craft of pairing dozens of ready-to-cook filter bags delivers authentic oriental recipes, allowing you to enjoy traditional benefits and nourishment in your convenience without the extra effort.

Cooking Pastes

Claypot Cooking Pastes are perfect when you’re craving for Malaysian Favourite dishes but don’t want the huge hassle. Each packet contains a medley of aromatics and spices and only requires the addition of meat, coconut milk or vegetables, no seasoning required. Each aluminium pouch contains 200g of this awesome paste and serves up to 4-6pax.

All hygienically packed using the best quality aluminium foil to keep its aromatic taste and distinctive delight. Claypot’s herbal soups are assuringly wholesome and healthy to the very last sip.

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